Sarah has been teaching yoga for ten years.  She coined the term “Sacred Flow” to describe her devotional and vigorous Hatha Vinyasa class.  She is committed to preserving the depths of the yoga tradition in her teaching as well as inviting a fun atmosphere to the class.  She believes a class should hold a deep sacred quality at the same time carry an easy going sense of humor.  She has often sings in Sanskrit to the harmonium or can rock out to conscious hip hop during class.  She is gifted in offering pose options that will suit practitioners of every level, and guides them throughout class to stay true to the level they are at.  Traditional and modern influences underlie her technique: find the balance between trying and relaxing, using strength to deepen the flexibility of the pose, and holding a spirited atmosphere.  Since India, Sarah has received training in Ashtanga, Anusara, Restorative, Tony Briggs, and Iyengar modalities. 

     During class, Sarah invites practitioners to tap into the joy they have inherently within themselves by experiencing their personal grace and strength.  She often invites students to find their “internal smile”.   Cultivating self love and joy can help us make healthy choices around our state of mind regardless of the external world, which powerfully overlaps into one’s daily life.  Sarah believes that by enjoying one’s practice, it is very possible to build new neurological pathways of joy and awareness throughout the body which students can take home with them!   

     Sarah currently teaches classes at Yoga Mountain in Fairfax and subs regularly at Yoga Tree in San Francisco, Yoga Studio at Larkspur Landing and the Bay Club in San Francisco and Corte Madera.  You can find her Fairfax schedule at Ask her about upcoming workshops!

                                       Sarah Mangion MA MFT 415 350 7033