Sarah was born to teach yoga.  She started with gymnastics, which she practiced competitively through high school and then took her first yoga class in college in 1995.  This was about the time she met her spiritual teacher, a Native American Shaman, whom she apprenticed with for several years.  To accelerate her zest for spiritual exploration she moved to Asia to study yoga and Buddhist meditation for a year in 1999.  There she was certified in Traditional Hatha Yoga at Uttar Pradesh Yoga Training and Research Association in Varanasi, India.  As the traditional way, she was chosen to apprentice a retiring yogi, at no cost, and learned all that his teacher had taught him including meditation, asana, and yogic philosophy.  Since then, Sarah has spent years studying Ashtanga, Anusara, and Iyengar schools of yoga, and still does.  Her favorite yoga influences are John Friend, Tony Briggs, Rodney Yee, and BKS Iyengar.

    During her time in Asia, Sarah took temporary Buddhist nuns vows and committed to a year of spiritual practice which included three months of silence, fasting practices, and Dharma talks from incredible teachers.  She is committed to her daily meditation practice, and continues being humbled by the universe. Sarah’s experience in Asia has influenced the depth of Spirit and wisdom that she offers to her classes and clients.


     Sarah received her MA in Counseling Psychology in 2006 at the California Institute for Integral Studies is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She has received training in Gestalt therapy, CBT, Resiliency building, Guided Imagery, and Hakomi (somatic) Therapy which often show up in her classes and is the foundation of her yoga therapy skills.  Sarah has also interned with Master Guide, Mary Lambert, learning the art of opening to grace for life’s answers to appear.  She has a history of working with troubled youth in schools and currently does behavioral consulting for military families who are struggling with their childrens behavior. 

     Sarah has been practicing Gabrielle Roth’s Five-Rhythm dance practice for twelve years.  She loves to chant and play the harmonium which often shows up in her classes and privates.

Sarah Mangion MA, MFT 415 350 7033                                sgmangion@gmail.com